Hot Water Unvented/Pressurised Cylinder Installations & Upgrades

Waterworx is a registered Unvented/Pressurised Cylinder Installer & also a Water Industry Approved installer.

Unvented cylinders have been around in Europe for a long time but it is only in the last 25 years that they have been permitted to be installed in the UK.

The advantage of an unvented cylinder is that no additional water storage tanks in the loft are required, which eliminates the risks of legionella as well as the potential weight risks of keeping a heavy volume of water above bedrooms. Hot water can be provided constantly by the cylinder at mains pressure.

Also, an unvented cylinder can be positioned in any suitable location as no other forces such as gravity are affecting the flow of water.

The fact that an immersion heater can be used to heat the water means that there is less reliance on the boiler.

We can supply unvented hot water cylinders from the industry’s leading manufacturers for use in just about any home in the UK. Unvented cylinders operate directly from the mains water supply, providing high pressure hot water with a fantastic flow rate, perfect for that dream shower you may always have longed for.

All unvented cylinder installations have built in safety measures to help support the high water pressures. We also carry out service & maintenance of these units as required.